Get paid to recycle your unwanted electronics

Don’t throw away your unwanted electronics!

Get paid to recycle them at Dynamic Metal Recycling.

See the list below to learn about all of the electronics we accept for recycling.

Get paid to recycle your unwanted electronics
  • Computer Towers – Complete or incomplete
  • TV Boards
  • Circuit Boards
  • Mother Boards
  • Gold Memory
  • Ceramic and Fiber Processors
  • Power Supply – with or without cords
  • Hard Drives
  • Media Drives
  • Cell Phones
  • Computer Fans
  • Laptops – complete or incomplete
  • Cable or Satellite Boxes with DVR
  • Modems / Routers
  • UBS Battery Backup
  • Servers –  Complete or Incomplete
  • Daughter / fingerboards

**We accept, but do NOT pay for: printers, keyboards and computer mouse.

**Please note, we do not take tv’s, computer monitors, glass, plastic, cardboard or wood.